Sparkle & Shine

On Saturday the 4th of Feb 2012 i got a phone call from a horse dealer asking if i would take an extremely underweight fullterm and bagged up pregnant thoroghbred mare..he had been rang by the owner to take 13 he took the other 12 but refused her due to her condition hence the call by him to me… At the time of his call the mare was on a float and on her way to the knackery i was horrified by the thought that she wld abort or foal there and much more and agreed to take her and instead of going to the knackery I purchased her for $180- sight unseen she was then delivered to a friends place. I picked Sparkles up on the 6th of Feb the earliest possible time i could…i was not ready for the just how poor condition she was in even tho i have seen many before but not at this level of fullterm pregnancy.

Sparkles arrived and a Vet was arranged for the next day. he gave her a full check up making sure the foal was still alive and healthy heart beat gave her a multivitamin shot and tetanus plus more and said to feed her as much as i can. I had already done a Brand search on her and had located her microchip number and he also scanned that to make sure that it matched. The Farrier also came that day her feet were also in terrible need of attention so we did the best we could to make her more comfortable for now. I have since found out prior to SHINE’s birth that Sparkles was in foal to an Irish Sport Horse and also have had contact with the breeder of Sparkles and I am told that Sparkles was sold as a foal with her mother and has no other information to give me from there…

I also have found out that the possible reason for the sale of the other horses to the dealer and a possible reason why the owner of Sparkles last stop was to be to the knackery. Although i found it tore at my heart a bit and i softened slightly… my feeling toward neglect of this kind are strong..!!. The day after the owner had dropped Sparkles off for me to my friends she went into hospital…The funeral of the last owner of this mare Sparkles, was Tuesday , the day after Shine was born.

I am still searching with the help of friends and contacts to find more info on Sparkles past and what she has done and were she has been …one day hopefully i will find out …

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