Ponies Slaughtered by DPI – Warning! Graphic Images

July 2011 – approx 100 of the Jeparit Ponies which were left at the property where we had already rescued 150+ from, were slaughtered by DPI (Department of Primary Industry).  Due to an ignorant public outcry of people who sat behind their computer screens and criticised how wrong we were for doing it, but wouldn’t get in the car and see for themselves the obstacles and the hurdles we jumped… to do what we did…to rescue what ponies we could from a needless slaughter…

6 Responses to “Ponies Slaughtered by DPI – Warning! Graphic Images”

  1. Brumby Annie on 20/04/2012 #

    Are you able to do the facebook link thingy to this so I can share it ? I think it needs to be circulated more to put more pressure on the “DPI” for a “Please explain” which they can’t morally as we know.

  2. Helen stretton on 16/06/2012 #

    Why do they need to kill why not let them be rehomed

  3. Allison Trainor on 11/08/2012 #

    oh my god tania just watched the video on the jeparit ponies i know this happened awhile ago but it is teriable to think that there are people out there happy to do these thing to such a fantastic animal. I just cryed whatching it i dont know how the hell these people sleep at night there are people out there that would of loved to give them a home all i can say is im ashamed to think this has happened.
    But on the other hand you ladies hold your heads up high you are doing a great job and i wish i could do more to help Tania we spoke on the phone and if there is anythink i can do to help you i will if i can and please keep me in mind for any horse needing a loving home at any time we have the land.

  4. Lizzy on 03/12/2012 #

    OMFG this has made my guts turn that is absolute filth.. those poor innocent ponies Grrr!! i hope they get wat they deserve and rot in hell… that is the most un humane thing i have ever seen…
    my mum has a jeparit pony and im hoping to adopt one and i swear i will cherish her.. thats just filth!

  5. Never have I seen something so unnecessary in my life! How do they live with themselves? Broke my heart

  6. gaynor houghton on 19/03/2015 #

    My god broke my heart i have a pony just like those ponies how on earth can any human human can live with themselves l hope they burn in hell thats not even good enought.scum of the earth burn in hell.

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